With my background and experience in Care Aide Nursing, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Nutrition, and Personal Training, I have seen the critical importance of providing holistic care to people from all walks of life. By taking on a holistic approach, quality of life is maximized, and people are happier and healthier.

Carolyn Costrelo-Rugere

Founder and Caregiver


Coruca Home Care specializes in providing an extraordinary, state of the art service for seniors, those with physical limitations, disabilities, or ​cognitive challenges, or those who desire a complete revamp and life transformation. Whatever your needs may be, we meet them with love, respect, friendship, support, connection, and compassion. Our clients know they are important to us, and are worthy of the best care available.

Coruca Home Care offers a wide range of servic​es from, but not limited to, health care, companionship, cou​nseling, coaching, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, emotional healing, yard work, pet services, driving services to Dr. appointments, shopping, or anywhere else needed, house cleaning, plant-based cooking, and exercise training. Whatever your needs, we welcome your feedback and questions, and strive to accommodate and support you. Improving your happiness and well-being is our mission. 

We understand and appreciate that the nutrition we take into our bodies is critical and key to our holistic health and physical comfort. It aids in our mobility, decreases pain, improves our moods, and our overall outlook on life. We offer delicious, balanced meal plans, taking into consideration all your dietary needs, such as vegan, diabetic, or gluten free, etc. in order to maximize high functioning performance. 


Carolyn Costrelo-Rugere


Carolyn is a vibrant, breath of fresh air who is passionate about bringing you an experience of a lifetime. She has experience in Professional Care Aide Nursing, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Personal Training, Reiki Master, and Nutrition.

She has a bubbly, captivating personality and character that everyone loves to be around. She takes the time to actively listen, and validate all your needs and feelings.

Carolyn is meticulous and observant in identifying your safety, health and wellness needs, and prides herself on going above and beyond in bringing you a memorable, extraordinary life, where you feel loved, valued, and respected.

Jo Ross


Jo is a compassionate, gentle individual with a background in psychology, behaviour therapy, and care giving. She is a nurturer with a gentle, radiant energy, making it her mission to make you feel seen, valued, and heard. Jo is observant to all your needs, and is diligent in looking for ways to holistically enrich your life in any way she can. She truly leaves an unforgettable impression, leaving you with a brightened day, and a smile on your face.