Coruca Home Care provides specialized care with meal preparation, dressing, bathing, catheter care, sling lifts, exercise, and much more. Your needs matter, and your safety is our top priority in providing one-on-one personalized care.

You are worthy, you are loved, and you are enough. 

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Not having the ability to drive anywhere you need to go can be a claustrophobic, crippling feeling. Whether you have Dr. appointments, want to go shopping, or simply go for a scenic drive, Coruca Home Care is here to take you wherever you need to go. Maybe it’s a fun day down at the beach, or simply taking a drive to see a beautiful, sunset by the ocean. 

Allow us to give you the freedom and adventures you deserve.


Social interaction is one of the most crucial factors in human connections. Whether you need someone to read to you, or just spend time conversing, Coruca Home Care is here to connect with you, and fill in that lonely gap that all too many people experience today.

We understand and support the crucial importance of having someone to spend time with, showing you that you are worthy, and you matter.

Social interaction and companionship are not only crucial for us as human beings, but also for our pets. Whether your pet needs companionship through a walk, or simply some cuddle time, we are here for your special little ones. 


Eating the correct foods can alleviate a lot of physical pain, provide comfort for the joints, assist in helping the body to fight disease, and relieving stress.

At Coruca Home Care, we offer delicious cooking, providing you with healthy, balanced, nutritional meal planning to suit all your needs. We cater to your dietary needs, whether that be vegan, diabetic, or gluten free cooking, and are here to support you in a healthy lifestyle.


Coruca Home Care is proud to offer all-natural Melaleuca products for cleaning and laundry. The damage of breathing in toxic chemicals has been noted to be detrimental to one’s health. These all-natural products give you the peace-of-mind of knowing you are breathing in clean air, as well as contributing to a healthy environment.

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Coruca Home Care carefully observes and tailor’s recreation events specific to clientele needs. From reading, to crafts, drawing, puzzles, brain enhancing exercises, fitness, going for a drive, etc., everyone needs and deserves fun activities.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a FAST and proven method that combines Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Coruca Transformations provides personalized hypnotherapy sessions specializing in ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, and PTSD (RTT), designed to help you experience fast, permanent results. It gets to the root of the problem, uncovering the meaning and interpretation of the events, and changing them - It’s not the events that affect us.

It’s the meaning we attach to the events - RTT empowers people, offering a powerful, emotional release, setting them free from pain, emotional, and/or physical. 


Reiki is a gentle form of holistic, energy healing, channeling universal life force through the hands of the Practitioner, bringing the person's body, mind, and spirit into balance and alignment, stimulating their natural healing abilities, and clearing blockages that cause illness and disease.

Coruca Home Care empowers individuals in activating and experiencing their own personal, inner healing abilities to balance, recharge and open their mind, body, and spirit to a harmonious flow of energy. From physical to mental health, Reiki is proven to bring you relief and balance.


Coruca Home Care is certified in Personal Training, and offers personalized fitness plans to suit all your individual needs, teaching safety, proper form, and designing exercise programs.

Exercise not only aids in joint mobility, but also raises the neurotransmitters in the brain, helping with anxiety and depression. Whether our clients are mobile or not, we encourage movement and mobility for everyone, and design fitness around the needs of the client.



Coruca Home Care is dedicated to helping you organize, and make massive shifts in moving your life forward. We focus on past patterns, helping to create a simple, achievable plan to make positive steps in creating exponential growth going forward.

Whether you need a listening ear and guidance in working through life’s daily challenges, Coruca Home Care offers simple tools, that when applied, are guaranteed to change your life. We help guide you, and work in depth with you to collaborate in creating a beautiful life masterpiece, creating the happiness you seek and deserve.

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Coruca Home Care also takes pride in giving you extraordinarily beautiful landscaping, from yard work, mowing lawns, weed eating, planting, and weeding gardens and flower beds. Relax, and enjoy the natural beauty around you.